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“I am too old for all that”
“I was not built for running”
“I am made for comfort, not speed”
“I get out of breath as soon as I start”
“I don’t have enough time”

I have heard all of these excuses when I encourage people that running is good for them.  It seems you can be too old to run or you are just not built for it.  It seems that everyone is an expert in why they cannot do something.  But the problem is that it is all so NEGATIVE! I have heard many excuses to not run but there is only one reason to run – you will feel better after you have done it!!

If I could guarantee that an activity could make you feel better after it why wouldn’t you do it? What excuses could there be – a GUARANTEE that you will feel better? Amazing.  Because a run makes all sorts of chemicals shoot around in your body, it has the power to make us feel better.

Running, whether on a treadmill or outside, is a sure fire way to make your body appreciate you.  And isn’t that what you want – not a world weary, heavy hearted body, full of the worries.  You want to be light and free and feeling good, surely, ready to deal with whatever comes your way.

So let’s turn this around and instead look at reasons TO run!

  1. Combats the ageing process
  2. Makes me feel good about myself
  3. Makes me feel light on my feet and just makes me feel good
  4. Helps me with asthma
  5. Makes me prioritise what is important

So next time the negatives are in your mind, and it’s raining outside, I dare you to defy negativity and run a mile in the rain!  Go on….you won’t regret it!!

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