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Are you amazed by the Olympics? Honed to perfection the athletes seem to achieve super human results and we, mere mortals, gaze in awe from the comfort of the sofa.  They have a team of people behind them, train every day of the week and of course, not everyone can get the gold medal.  More importantly, and for most, it is the day job.

So how can we achieve greatness and become day to day champions?  After all we should see ourselves as part time athletes. We are not training for a gold medal, but a healthy life, fit for the purpose.  We want longevity – to be able to do what we do for as long as possible.

You can be a champion every day – surely the greatest goal you could ever have is lifelong fitness.  So where can you start?

Well, if you have a sedentary job then you need to stand up and move around – simple as that! Your boss may think you are mad for always offering to make the tea or do errands, but it is the road to being a champion and your very own free of charge insurance policy! Think about that – sedentary behaviour increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes.  So stand up for what you believe.

When you do exercise, do it like you mean it.  All champions know why they are doing the session that they are doing.  So when you go for a run, know what pace you are aiming for or know what route gives you the most pleasure.  Determine what you want!

And what about when you are relaxing?  Instead of looking at Facebook and more pictures of kittens, be mindful of what knowledge you really want to gain.  Make the time count for you – after all you are living the life of a champion – we all are!

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