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Have you seen the recent headlines about child obesity. The government are promising a sugar tax on fizzy drinks but can that really solve this issue?  What is at the heart of the problem?

Back in the days of prehistoric man to move was to survive. Literally your life depended on your ability to run away from danger or to run to catch your meal that day. You would have starved or be in mortal danger if you could not move.

Now we don’t run around the supermarkets trying to stalk and pounce upon a tin of tuna. It’s all there, laid out for us to take from shelves.  And so there is no survival requirement to move. In fact we have a society where to move is not particularly recommended.  Many sit at a computer all day and on an ipad or watching TV at night.  We don’t ever really need to move! How life has changed!

Although we may not be running away from danger any more, a sedentary lifestyle drags us slowly towards danger.  Thousands of studies have made it clear that sedentary lifestyles account for many cases of Type 2 diabetes, heart and circulation issues.  Really, we are in just as much danger from not moving as our prehistoric ancestors.

As responsible adults this message should be coming loud and clear, like any lesson, to our young people.  Move it our lose it is the message – we should not be flowering the language or tiptoeing around the issues any more – if you don’t get out of breath doing some kind of activity each day you are in danger.

So give this a go…next time your kids are watching TV, whatever the weather, tell them to get outside and run or jump or play for 10 minutes until they are out of breath. So simple isn’t it – but the benefits to their bodies will last for the rest of the day.  They will feel amazing and, if you join in, so will you.

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