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Beyond Belief – Running the Cotswold Way

Running the Cotswold Way seemed like a fanciful dream to me when the idea came into my head about two years ago.  I had done a few off road marathons but 103 miles in one go.. well how would I do that?  Strangely though the idea kept kicking around and I found myself...

Equinox 24 – running for 24 hours

Let me give you an insight into the world of 24 hour endurance running. It is a strange place, where you actually look forward to eating a small pot of rice pudding at 4 AM in the morning, because that's the reward you promised yourself for another lap. So what was...

Reasons to run

“I am too old for all that” “I was not built for running” “I am made for comfort, not speed” “I get out of breath as soon as I start” “I don’t have enough time” I have heard all of these excuses when I encourage people that running is good for them.  It seems you can...

Fat chance

Have you seen the recent headlines about child obesity. The government are promising a sugar tax on fizzy drinks but can that really solve this issue?  What is at the heart of the problem? Back in the days of prehistoric man to move was to survive. Literally your life...

We are the champions!

Are you amazed by the Olympics? Honed to perfection the athletes seem to achieve super human results and we, mere mortals, gaze in awe from the comfort of the sofa.  They have a team of people behind them, train every day of the week and of course, not everyone can...

Here is what some of my clients are saying…

  • Highly recommend. Fantastic knowledgeable and personalised session. Unbiased advice, yet up to date with current thinking and research. Only wish it lasted longer!

    lepha McCartan
  • I had a really great experience at Runology. Jules was friendly, helpful and professional. She clearly explained how the session worked and what she would assess. She gave very supportive and useful advice about my running style and how to strengthen my approach and endurance. She was very helpful in advising on how to avoid injury. Thank you so much Jules.

    Anna Finlay
  • Jules is an enthusiastic, inspiring and entertaining personal trainer. I attended a number of her strength and conditioning classes as preparation for 2016 Manchester marathon as I wanted to train smarter and focus less on plodding out the miles to the exclusion of other types of training as I have always done in the past.

    The classes were small enough to permit plenty of individual attention and I was always clear on the reasoning behind each element of the class.

    I felt much stronger and far less fatigued than normal during the latter stages of the marathon and also in the days after the marathon. Normally I suffer from bad DOMS but I was able to move freely and without soreness in the days following the race and, for the first time ever, run just a few days after the marathon. Normally I have to take at least two weeks off for my legs to recover!

    I cannot recommend Jules’ holistic approach and results highly enough!

    Alison Hume