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We are Runology

Most of us have jobs, a family and a social life and training can feel just too much commitment sometimes. And when we do train and run, even go in for races, we often get injured and we are in pain. So that is where Runology comes in…..we can help you to achieve your fitness goals with strong, smart efficient training.

At Runology we are training experts.  Not only are we experts, but we practice what we preach and we love what we do.  Jules Jameson, Director, has run 9 marathons in the last 2 years (including a 43 mile ultra) and she can still walk!!!

If you could put exercise in a pill, everyone would swallow it whole and gain massive benefits to their mental and physical health.  Runology will provide you with science based advice that will improve your fitness but still allow you to get on with life.


With guidance from Runology you can work FASTER and with MORE INTENSITY.  Quick high energy sessions provide the body with the kick start it needs to gain strength and you also gain confidence through an improved fitness level.  And, even better, high intensity work promotes anti-ageing chemicals!


At Runology we are always looking at new evidence in sports training.  This means that we trawl through the good and the bad to give you the best advice.  Working with Runology means that your body will be flexible, fit and resilient enough to cope with whatever you want to do.


Running is natural so why is it so difficult? Well, just like swimming it is about efficiency of movement. So many of us are sedentary, sitting at computers and not moving for 8 hours, so when you go to move it is not surprising you feel tired and your muscles are telling you it is hard work. Through video analysis and advice, along with practical exercises, Runology can show you how to learn to run efficiently, minimising injury at the same time.

Runology can help

As a physiotherapist director Jules Jameson is an expert on movement. But we also know how hard it is to fit training in to busy lives. Runology can help you achieve your fitness goals with:

Individual video analysis of your running style will help you learn how to run. We can see the imbalances that can lead to injury and can provide targeted exercises

If you have been injured or you are just coming back to running, let us help you with practical individual advice and exercises

Want to train for an event? We can analyse you and write you a bespoke programme that suits your fitness and your busy life

Want to train but don’t want to injure yourself? Come to the Runology group sessions where trained physio Jules Jameson can guide you safely through the techniques you need to achieve greater fitness levels

Want to start running but worried you may be too old or that it could damage your joints? We cater for ALL levels of runners so get in touch to start moving now

Like to train with a partner? – book a joint session where you can be analysed and then work together to achieve your goals

Have you been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia or low back pain? Always got a cold or poor immune system? Evidence suggests that graded exercise can help you feel better and manage your condition.  Speak to the experts at Runology!

Want to lose weight? Change to a healthier lifestyle? Make the commitment now and we can help you gain the fitness you need for life.

Julianne Jameson

Julianne Jameson

Runology Director

  • Have you found that injury has stopped you running?
  • Do you feel that running is just too hard sometimes?
  • Do you find it hard to fit in the training?
  • Not sure how to step up the distance without getting injured?

Jules Jameson is a physiotherapist specialising in assessing and training runners.  She has trained in running analysis and strength and conditioning. Always reading the latest research or looking at the value of the latest running fad, you could say she is obsessed by all things running!

She has run several road and trail marathons, has run an ultramarathon of 43 miles as well as 5k and 10k races.


What we can offer…

Get your run analysed by a physiotherapist

Find out how to prevent running related injuries

Individual plans for your next race

Training and coaching to make you strong to run

Group sessions to work on getting you fast and fit

Advice and guidance for all runners – from beginners to ultramarathoners

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Here is what some of my clients are saying…

  • Highly recommend. Fantastic knowledgeable and personalised session. Unbiased advice, yet up to date with current thinking and research. Only wish it lasted longer!

    lepha McCartan
  • I had a really great experience at Runology. Jules was friendly, helpful and professional. She clearly explained how the session worked and what she would assess. She gave very supportive and useful advice about my running style and how to strengthen my approach and endurance. She was very helpful in advising on how to avoid injury. Thank you so much Jules.

    Anna Finlay
  • Jules is an enthusiastic, inspiring and entertaining personal trainer. I attended a number of her strength and conditioning classes as preparation for 2016 Manchester marathon as I wanted to train smarter and focus less on plodding out the miles to the exclusion of other types of training as I have always done in the past.

    The classes were small enough to permit plenty of individual attention and I was always clear on the reasoning behind each element of the class.

    I felt much stronger and far less fatigued than normal during the latter stages of the marathon and also in the days after the marathon. Normally I suffer from bad DOMS but I was able to move freely and without soreness in the days following the race and, for the first time ever, run just a few days after the marathon. Normally I have to take at least two weeks off for my legs to recover!

    I cannot recommend Jules’ holistic approach and results highly enough!

    Alison Hume